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Skin and Body Treatments

Our self-indulgent packages are just that, pure self-indulgence!

If you've ever stepped into one of the many beauty salons out there, you'll notice one thing they all have in common – a harmonious and relaxing environment. Our Bundaberg skin clinic is a peaceful escape for the busy lives we've all become victims of.

All our quality hand and foot care products and polishes are available to maintain your perfect results at home. We use the very best quality nail polish, paraffin's, creams, exfoliates and oils for your hands and feet. Our body clinic is also equipped with most advanced microdermabrasion tools and laser equipment for your regular or semi-regular dermatology check-up.

The reason we use the very best is simple - you deserve the very best.

Massage therapy is well known for its ability to create deep relaxation and calmness. Not only does it have such mental benefits of relieving anxiety, depression and stress, but it also will alleviate any headaches or aches and pains in the body, just under the skin. Our treatments are about relaxing and revitalising your body, as everyone deserves a break once in awhile.

  • Some of our little pleasures here at the skin clinic include:
  • Facial treatments
  • Scalp and Neck Massages
  • Hand and Feet Luxuries

Our massage service can be combined with any of our spa and body therapy treatments to allow you to select your own customised treat. Some customers will even come in for a cosmetic tattoo, but leave only after they've rewarded themselves to a massage first! No matter what your budget for the day may be, we will make your 'ESCAPE' perfect.

Dress for the Occasion

We recommend you wear open toe shoes to your appointment, alternatively spa sandals can be purchased from our retail section. If you need any more information about our skin clinic or would like to book a consultation, don't hesitate in asking!

Skin & Body Treatment

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