Body wraps and treatments

The divine body therapy hydro Pack Wrap (1 hr)

The ultra soothing and hydrating treatment customised to suit your needs, eliminate toxins, hydrate, soften and nourish the skin and improve tone, a dry body brush, followed by a soothing gentle massage to infuse a rich hydrating cream into the skin while a gentle vapour floats over you… then you will be cocoon wrapped in a special hydrating body mask… a foot massage will soothe you and finally a shower to invigorate and revitalise you… Ideal for sun exposed/dry skins.

the marine body peel (3/4 hr) 

 a truly invigorating experience to aid elimination of toxins, smooth and polish the skin, improve circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and re-mineralise and nourish the skin.

…first a dry brush will relax you and open your pores …a marine body salt scrub, using a special blend of dried seaweed, fruit enzymes and aromatic body shampoo will buff and silken your entire body and finally a cooling shower will revitalise you.

algologie fizzing cocoa beans wrap (1 1/2 hour)

ooh la la… this luxurious treat promises deep relation but at the same time energising the cells… a full body ‘cocooning’ treatment including scalp massage, full body massage, body buffing all while you relax and indulge…

the red grape wrap ( 1 hour)

for anti-aging… what more needs to be mentioned!

earth sea salts (15mins) 

for body polishing…say no more!

universal contour wrap (2 hour) 

the all natural effective way to achiever inch reduction, detoxify the body and cleanse the skin… what are the advantages?… a noticeable and measurable difference after your very first wrap….we guarantee you will lose a minimum of 6 inches overall in your first wrap – or you ‘don’t pay!’ …skin feels tighter and smoother …helps diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks …remarkably effective.

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