Hands and Feet Luxuries

Hawaiian hand spa (1/2hr )

scrub, massage mask and paint (massage and mask to the elbow)

Hawaiian foot spa (1/2hr) 

Scrub, massage,mask and paint (massage and mask to the knee)

Hawaiian deluxe hand spa (1hr) 

The works! full manicure with paraffin mask then finish with polish

Hawaiian deluxe foot spa (1 1/2hr)

The works! full pedicure with paraffin  maskthen finish with polish

The manicure (1/2 hr)

A complete tidy,file,buff, massageand polish…… a great way to look after your natural nails

The chair pedicure (1hr)

Nails filed, cuticles tidied, corns and cracked feet filed and buffed. masssage of the feet and legs to the knee and finally finish with a professional polish!

The paraffin experience (1hr) 

A fantastic way to super hydrate the feet or hands, your nails are filed,feet buffed and massaged then plunged into a warm bath of paraffin – then nails are polished to perfection!

Buff and polish (1/2 hr)

Simply buff and file nails- finish with a polish…… a quick ‘pick me up’ treat for both hands and feet

The indulgent pedicure (1 1/2hr) 

The chair- nail shape,buff, exfoliation, heels buffed, cuticles tidied, steam therapy, paraffin dip, massaged and polish application!

Beautiful hands and feet duet (1 1/2 hr) 

A sensational ‘Vanessa Morgan skin management centre’ alphahydroxy acid exfoliating manicure, plus soothing and softening alphahydroxy acid masque pedicure, treatments include finishing off with a polish of your choice.


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