Lips & Eyes

Eyes… triple eye treatment for fine lines (1/2 hour) 

  1. microdermabrasion around eye
  2. apply collagen patch
  3. vitamin C tight

quad eye treatment for fine to deeper lines (1hour) 

  1. hydrabrasion around the eye area
    2 part dry with diamond head then moist with infusion
  2. collagen patch infusion
  3. vitamin C tightening mask
  4. brow wax, lash tint… finish off with eyesential or serutox
    ….a must to prevent premature ageing

lips… triple treat same as eyes

eye opener (1/2 hour)

an eyebrow shape, eyelash and bro tint and a collagen eye mask
eye lash tint – 6 colours to choose from
eye brow tint – 4 colours to choose from
last 4 – 6 weeks and defines the eyes and brows beautifully.


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