For Young Ladies

princess pamper party (ages 3 – 5) 1/2 hour

fingernails and toenails painted and sparkly pretties if you like, prehaps a lovely hands and feet massage.

young girls to young ladies (ages 6 – 12) 3/4 hour

start with soaking the feet, then a lovely feet and hand massage followed by nail polish… just ask if you want diamontees to make your toes twinkle! great way to celebrate a birthday with your girlfriends

young ladies (ages 13 to 17) 3/4 hour
packages –
now you can come in a group and enjoy a variety of treats tailored to your ages

  1. ….a mini face treat
    ….feet soaked, buffed polished                  
  2. ….mini face treat and 1/4hr massage,
    ….toenail and fingernail polish                     
  3. ….mini face treat … brow tidies… lash tinit
    …. polish on both hands and feet                


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