Spray tan- dont bake it fake it!

With the sun fx colour spray- choice of several tones

full body or  part body 

Packages available

Gentle exfoliating treatment (1/4 hr) 

Removes dull dry skin… or as a preparation for a wrap, massage or tanning treat.

scalp & neck massage (1/4 hr or 1/2 hr)

the perfect treat when life’s stresses literally get to be a pain in the neck! relaxing warm towel and oils are applied to the scalp and neck areas, and massaged in the penetrate and ease the stiffness and tension brought on by modern living.

ultimate stress relief back massage (1/2 hr)

the ultimate treat to re balance and recover from stress…a combination of a 15 minutes warm oil aroma massage to relax you followed by 15 minutes swedish massage to untie knots, combined with hot towels and soothing massage movements.

the divine body therapy hydro pack wrap (1 hr) 

An ultra soothing and hydrating treatment customised to suit your needs, elimanate toxins, hydrate, softens and nourish the skin and improve tone, a dry body brush, followed by a soothing gentle massage to infused a rich hydrating cream into the skin while a gentle vapour floats over you… then you will be cocoon wrapped in a special hydrating body mask… a foot massage will soothe you finally a shower to invigorate and revitalise you…. ideals for sun exposed/dry skins.

the full body paraffin experience (1 hr) 

the ultimate treatment for dry, sun damaged skin or just simply to hydrate. the heat of the wax infused, re-hydrates and rejuvenates the skin, circulation is enhanced all while you relax and indulge.

pre and post natal massage (3/4 hour)

a gentle yet firming specialised relaxing massage to assist in re-balancing and relieving the pregnant or recently pregnant body… consists of a massage paying particular attention to where excess weight and fluid is carried. concentration on the upper back, legs, tights, upper arms and feet giving a wholesome feeling of well being, finishing off with a gentle massage of face and head..oh my!

tranquility massage (1/2 or 1 hour)

a complete head to toe soothing experience including the scalp using long flowing, kneading strokes leaving your with an overall sense of well-being…a traditional Swedish massage.

times two or even three!!! (1/2 or 1 hour)

friends, family or any combination, we can pop you all together so you can enjoy your massage experience together.

the upper body polish (1 hour) 

after your back , shoulder and upper arms are buffed and polished to a silken smoothness, tight muscles are relaxed with a swedish massage.. finsh with a soothing mask or hydro pack.

total indulgence pamper (4 hour)

4 hour of pure indulgence with a customised indulgence facial, a body polish and luxurious body wrap, an indulgent pedicure, a pampering manicure and finishing off with a head to toe luxurious body massage.

escape and relax treat (2 hours)

a burst of phototherapy followed by a skin treat tailored to your needs and skin condition, a back scrub, relaxing 1/2 hour back massage and ‘viola’ you can face anything again!

treat that ends with a tint! (1 1/2hours)

its all about you! spend an hour and a half on cloud 9.. skin analysis then your customised facial, tint lashes and brows, brow wax and hand massage.

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